Star Trek Stellar Cartography

I recently picked up the new edition of “Star Trek Stellar Cartography” and thought I would do a comparison between the new 2018 edition to the original 2013 edition.

2018 Edition and 2013 Edition:

(Note, I will be added some additional photographs, links, and some notes on a comparison of the Poster Maps in the near future)

The descriptions on Amazon for the two products are identical:

The Starfleet Reference Library: Stellar Cartography collects together ten original, never-before-seen large-format maps of the Star Trek universe. Pulled from the cartography archives of Starfleet Academy, these beautifully reproduced maps provide a rare opportunity to view the expanse of Federation space (and beyond) through the multiple lenses of the Galaxy’s key players.

The maps include an ancient Vulcan map, a Klingon Empire map from the pre-Organian Peace Treaty era (in the native Klingon), an official Romulan government map of the Empire, a native Cardassian Union map from the Bajor occupation, along with Federation maps from the modern era. Housed in a handsome clamshell case and paired with a fully-illustrated reference book providing detailed information on planets, systems, and topography, this exclusive collection showcases the Star Trek universe like never before.

Product Features:

  • A tri-fold clamshell case
  • 48-page 8” x 10” hardcover book
  • Ten 24” x 36” removable maps

I did read somewhere that the new edition has been updated with information up to season 1 of Discovery

First I looked at the book.  The cover is slightly different between the two.  The Table of Contents is identical and both books have 48 pages.

Pages 9 and 10 which have a small copy of Map II – Alpha Quadrant are different between the two books, the new book has several additional systems, Starbases and even at least one additional nebula.  Presumably these match changes on the poster maps as well.

Page 13, which describes Map II has added a couple of additional paragraphs near the end.

Strangely, the small copy of Map III, Beta Quadrant seems to have lost a bunch of Systems along the left hand side, including Alpha Centauri, Babel, Wolf 359, Procyon (Andoria), 40 Erindani (Vulcan), P3 Orionis (Orion), Coridan, and Organia.  Although the star representing Organia is still on the map, and a few additional items have been added.  They do all appear on the Poster map though.

The text on page 18 has been modified to include some reverences to “T’Kuvma” and the war from season 1 of Discovery.

The Cardassian Union map in the book doesn’t seem to have changed, although it would be hard to spot any small changes., Likewise for the text on the pages following, and the Vulcan map and the pages of text accompanying it.

The Klingon Map in the book looks slightly different, but I think they just shifted the portion they used from the poster up a little which picked up a couple extra systems along the bottom edge, although the text (in Klingon) does look different in a few places so there may be some other minor changes as well.

Again, the text on the pages following the map have been altered a little to include some information from Discovery.

The second Klingon map has a few additions in the upper left area but is otherwise very similar.

Map VII – Romulan Star Empire looks identical, as does the text on the pages following and The Romulan War map and text.

Map IX – The Dominion War and it’s text also don’t appear to have any changes.

Map X – Federation Historical Highlights is so dense it’s hard to tell what may have changed.  I did notice the addition of “U.S.S. Defiant Lost (2268) an First Contact with Tholians (2268) and a couple other entries in yellow that look like they are new additions.  It may be easier to tell on the poster map.  The new one also includes some route lines from the poster map that the older edition didn’t include in the book.

One of the paragraphs on the following page has some minor alterations but is otherwise identical.

Ravenstar Space Stations and Shipyards part 3

Continued from Part 2

Now that everything had been primed, it was time to do the painting.  I wanted to do painting of the Stations and the Shipyards at the same time to make it easy to paint similar features the same way with the same colors to bring a consistent feeling to them all.  Not many comments to make here, just some photos showing what I did. Despite the Testor’s paints showing at the top of this photo, I exclusively used Vallego paints on the miniatures.

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Ravenstar Space Stations and Shipyards part 1

Last November (2017), Ravenstar Studios had a pre-Christmas sale, so I bought some items that I had been thinking about for quite some time. I picked up the Space Stations that he had available as well as the large Ship Yards kit. The original order actually got lost in the mail somewhere, but he kindly sent out a second one, along with some extras.  The items I ordered were:

Fort Courage Space Station
Missile Platform (2)
Jansen Research Station (2)
DSS McKinzie Space Station
ShipYard – Complete Set

He also included these items in my shipment as extras:

Warden Sensor Station (3)
Freeman Repair Station
Zane Refueling Station
Battle Station Raiden
Typhoons Grace
Fuco Cruiser
Unlisted Federation Expanse ship, similar to Raimus Destroyer but bigger

It all showed up in a fairly typical shipping box:

Everything was packed in nicely with a protective bubble wrap layer

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Pinterest Fixed

Turns out that the problem with Pinning was due to a change with Pinterest. I still want to investigate and see when this happened, but here is what I got from Tech Suppport at my hosting site:

“What I found was Pinterest did not allow to save pins from an insecure source. SSL was installed for your domain but your website was not using the SSL. I forced your website to redirect to https which is now secured.

There were insecure links on your website, which I corrected to https. All your pages and links are now secured with SSL.”

And, it is working now.

Pinterest problems

For reasons that I haven’t been able to figure out yet, my site has suddenly stopped allowing things to be pinned to Pinterest.  Even I can’t pin my own stuff to my own Pinterest boards.  Apparently Pinterest is getting an error 403, which shows up as : “Sorry! This site doesn’t allow you to save Pins” or something similiar

It happens when trying to Pin items from either of my sites, or

I have tried on several different devices, PCs, IPad, IPhone, and from several different browsers on the PCs.

I don’t have any difficulty pinning from other sites. I also don’t have any add-ons or widgets related to pinning on my sites.

I think it might be related to a recent WordPress update, but can’t say for sure.  I don’t have anything in my .htaccess or an security plugins that should cause this.

I’ve posted questions on the WordPress support forums and logged a call with my hosting company to see if they can provide any details.

Cloaked Romulans

This was certainly one of the easiest sets of miniatures to do.  Shapeways announced that they were going to discontinue offering Transparent Acrylic as an option, so I decided to order a few Romulan ships in it to use as cloaked vessels while I still could.

I ordered three of the 3733 Scale Romulan War Eagles  and three of the 3788 Scale Romulan KRC Command Cruisers from Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc, the company that does the Star Fleet Battles and Federation Commander games.  At some point I’ll have to order some non-transparent versions to use when they aren’t cloaked, but I’m not in a rush for that.

They showed up, I stuck some of the Corsec mounts on them and they were done.   I was happy to see that the necks on the cruisers were reasonably straight but a little disappointed that a couple of the warp engines bent inwards more than they should have, but overall they are decent miniatures.