Corsec Engineering – Sad News

For those of you who may not know, Jonathan Bowen, owner of CorSec Engineering, passed away on Feb 8th 2020.

In August he had posted that he went into the ER at the end of May with complications due to his Crohn’s disease and was still recovering. It sounded like he was doing better, but I guess he wasn’t, no details were released.

Those who have read some of my blog postings on starship miniatures know that I am a big fan of his system of stands, and he was always a pleasure to deal with. He will be missed and my sympathy goes out to his friends and family.

I had heard he had passed away about a month ago, but didn’t want to post anything until I heard something more official, which turned out to be a new posting on the Facebook page.

STA – Episode 6 – Big Balls of Borg

Adventure number six in my ongoing Star Trek Adventures campaign was “Great Balls of Borg”, a home brewed adventure that I came up partially because one of my players mentioned early on that he would like to have an adventure with the Borg, and partially because I had two sets of Borg Miniatures that I wanted to make use of.

We played at the “Ogre’s Den Gaming Club” again. I grabbed the table in the corner and it was much quieter this time, but because it was cold outside and we were right by the big windows it was a little chilly. But overall it worked out nicely.

This adventure picked up from the end of “Convoy SE-119“. They safely finished escorting the convoy back to Narendra Station, stopping at Epsilon 19 to collect the Captain and the rest of the crew.

After a short briefing, they were ordered to go investigate the Borg Sphere that they had picked up on sensors on the return trip to the station. The Akira Class ship, U.S.S. Galvarino was a day and a half away, and the Galaxy Class U.S.S. Venture was almost two days away. Both were being recalled but Admiral Hebert didn’t want to wait until they arrived to begin investigating the Sphere.

Set up and ready to begin.
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Bring on the Borg!

I picked up one box of Star Trek Adventures Miniatures: Borg Collective from Modiphius when they first came out and I acquired a second box as part of a trade I made for some packs of Middle Earth Cards but I didn’t get around to painting them until recently. There were two main reasons for this.
First, they are all basically the same, and primarily black other than a bit of grey on the faces and hands and a couple spots of colour.
Second, none of the adventures I was planning on running had Borg in them. Then I created an adventure that needed them, which I’ll describe in a separate post, and I was suddenly motivated to get them all done within two weeks.

Like all of the miniatures from Modiphius, the Borg are 32mm scale and are nicely detailed.

I had been hearing a lot about the new Contrast paints from Citadel recently and thought that they might work well on the Borg miniatures. I decided to try it on one of the miniatures and see how it worked out.

For the test miniature, I started with my usual primer, Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in Light Grey. I find it does a good job of priming most miniatures without obscuring the details.

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STA – Episode 5 – Convoy SE-119

The fifth adventure in my ongoing campaign was “Convoy SE-119” by Jim Johnson. this is the fourth adventure in the Living Campaign from Modiphius. We tried out another new location for playing, this time “Ogre’s Den Gaming Club“. I liked the table layout better, we were able to get two large tables side by side.

I thought the noise level was a little lower than at Shoebox, but some of the players thought it was about the same. I noticed on Facebook that they have just installed some additional noise baffling panels, and we are playing our next session there so we’ll see if that helps.

This adventure occurred simultaneously with our previous session, “Fading Sun”. The Players ship, the U.S.S. Kimura, along with the Klingon Bird of Prey I.K.S. Mupwl’ were assigned to to shepherd a convoy to Array 3-5, one of the joint Federation-Klingon research posts deep within the Expanse. They dropped some of the crew, including the Captain, off at the Epsilon 19 research station in the Osarin system and continued on their way to Array 3-5.

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STA – Episode 4 – Fading Sun

We tried out a new location for playing this time around, Shoebox Games and Cafe. I was warned when I booked the table that it would be quite loud because there were Magic and Pokemon pre-release events going on that day, and that was certainly true.

In retrospect, it probably would have been better if I had sat in the middle of the table instead of my usual location at the end. I think it would have made it easier for everyone to hear me well, and vice versa. I also found the table to be a little narrow, but this particular adventure didn’t need any props or maps, so it wasn’t a problem. And, as always, I’m always grateful to these locations that offer us a place to play.

This months adventure actually started out with the prologue and first scene from the fourth adventure in the Living Campaign, “Convoy SE-119”.

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STA – Episode 3 – Border Dispute.

Cover of "These Are The Voyages"
Cover of “These Are The Voyages”

This was the fourth adventure in the ongoing campaign. I ran this one on December 8th before a break for the holidays.

This one was from the “These are the Voyages” Adventure book from Modiphius rather than from the Living Campaign, but it fits in very nicely with the Shackleton Expanse adventures, and with the general “What are the Romulans up to?” direction that is becoming a feature of the Campaign.

One of the highlights of the adventure was when Garrett, playing Lt. Cmd. Taemin Rahn suddenly realized  who the saboteur was and that he was alone with them in the room, one step away from handing over exactly what the saboteur wanted. The look on his face and subsequent scrambling to try and salvage the situation, or at least not end up dead was brilliant. I’ve decided to award a “Spotlight Milestone” for it.

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STA- Episode 2 – Doomed to Repeat the Past

We played the second adventure in the Living Campaign series set in the Shackleton Expanse, “Doomed to Repeat the Past”. This was our second time playing at the Crowfoot Public Library, which is a very nice location to play at with a great view.

I would say the only problem with playing at the Library is that on Sundays they open at noon and close at 5:00, and if you have booked one of the meeting rooms like we do, you need to be out of the room around 4:30.

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Star Trek Adventures – Talent Spreadsheet

I have updated the STA_Talents spreadsheet on my Star Trek Adventures page to include the talents from the Alpha Quadrant Book.

I also corrected several typos and adjusted the font and orientation of the Talent Printout tab.

A new Roles tab has also been added but I haven’t integrated it to the Talent Printout tab yet.