Back to School – pt2

Well, after a few lost and found sets of paperwork, I’m all registered and ready to head back to school tomorrow.  Hopefully there are no further issues with getting the funding I’m expecting from the Govt, but the paperwork is with them now and it could still be a few weeks before I find out for sure what the details of that will be.

The courses start tomorrow with an orientation session, where they give us a bit of an introduction to each other and the courses and take us for a tour around campus.  Then on Tuesday things start in earnest.  We take one course at a time, completing each one before starting the next, with the exception of a project that looks like it starts sometime after the first couple courses and continues until the end.  The first date listed for the Project is June 23rd, which also happens to be the last day of my CPRG 255-A .NET Development w/ASP.NET course, which is the last course I need for my .NET Development Certificate of Acheivement.  If that actually is when we start the Project, the timing will work out well because I will have just finished my project for my .NET course.

The actual courses that I’ll be taking as part of the Buisness Intelligence program are:

CPSY 201-B – Intro to Data Management
MMGT 205-B – Business Analysis for B.I. Apps
CPSY 203-B – Architecture and Design
PROJ 212-B Applied Bus. Int. Project
CPSY 205-B – ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
CPSY 207-B – Reporting and Analytics
CPSY 209-B – OALP (Online Analytic Processes)
MMGT 206-B – Performance Mgmt Applications

It looks like I’ll be in a class with ten other people, which I find is a good size and I’m looking forward to getting started on it.

Looking back over the last three months of unemployment, I’m a little suprised at how little work I’ve done on projects on my computer.  Most of my computer time was spent on job searches, and the rest of my free time on putting the basement back together after the flood we had last July and helping Mom get ready to sell her house.   I didn’t write any new articles for the Guild Companion or ICE, and I didn’t spend much time playing with my mapping software or with Photoshop.  I also didn’t end up watching alot of T.V. or reading alot of books, at least not anymore than I usually did while working.  This isn’t disappointing in any way, just interesting.


  1. Funny how anything to do with the Government always seems to take such a long time…

    I also found your comment on the last three month very interesting, I went through the same thing and found I had actually spent less time on personal stuff than when I was working. Kinda funny how that works.

    Good luck with your program!

  2. Hi,
    It was nice reading your article here.
    So how was your experience at SAIT. How was the Business Intelligence program? Do you recommend them to others? And so you got job in the same field as you studied..
    Looking forward to your reply…

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