Battlestar Galactica Character Miniatures (part 4) –

The fourth company I ordered miniatures from was  At this point I was looking more for something I could use as Cylons rather than humans.  I had ordered some Star Wars Super Battle Droids which I thought would work okay for the Re-imagined Cylons in a pinch, but wasn’t really happy with them.  I did find and ordered some interesting miniatures from Tin-Soldier, but still not a great match for Cylons.

The mini’s came packed reasonably well, not as much protection as some of the other companies, but they arrived intact so that’s all that really mattered.  Also, everything came labeled as “Reviresco” rather than “Tin-Soldier”.  A little bit of Googling came up with: “Reviresco Products is owned by head designer John McEwan. It was formerly known as McEwan Miniatures until a name change around 1990 to Reviresco (the latin motto for Clan MacEwan). Reviresco’s current in-production figures can be found at Tin Soldier.”

Everything I ordered is found under the “Starguard” section of the website.




The pictures of the miniatures on the website aren’t great but I’ll include them anyway.  I took some photos of them when I opened them up and included those as well.  The Valkyrie Fembots might make an interesting variation on Cylons that could freak out the players in my game :).  They might also be a good test for some “Plate Mail Metal” color primer I’ve been eyeing.  The other figures might make decent BSG characters in a pinch, but I think some of the other miniatures are better, especially some of the later finds that I’ve ordered but haven’t arrived yet.



Valkyrie Heavy Weapons img_1746_sm



Valkyrie Assault Squad img_1744_sm



Fabian Viper Squad img_1749_sm I think I’ll use these guys as painting practice for viper pilots to see if I get the colors the way I like



Rep- Com Combat Detachment img_1747_sm More dudes for painting practice, maybe I’ll do them as Marines or something



Imperial Terran Scythe img_1751_sm I don’t actually remember why I ordered this one, just liked the look I guess



Ralnai Fleet Tug img_1753_sm I figured this might make a good Millennium Falcon

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