Battlestar Galactica Character Miniatures (part 5) – Nexus Miniatures

The fifth stop on my tour of miniature companies was Nexus Miniatures.
I finally found some great miniatures for Cylons, and as a bonus, some really good Viper Pilots as well. At the time there was an “Ancient Enemies” Deal on, which isn’t available at the time of this posting but the individual figures are, at least for the Viper Pilots, called “Dino-Rangers” on the site. Right now there only seems to be one Cylon, referred to as “Caprican Legion” on the site. I wasn’t able to locate the Caprican Legion/Cylon figures that came with “Ancient Enemies” deal.
I emailed the owner to see if that is just an oversight in the store or if they have been discontinued. He let me know that the molds are being retooled so they are temporarily out of stock, but will be returning. Once they are back, I’ll update this post with the additional information on them.


This one was actually a fight to get, the package was shipped three times and lost three times.  The customer service from Nexus Miniatures was great, he eventually went down in person to talk to the new Postmaster at his local depot and the Main Sorting office.  Apparently there were a lot of mistakes that had affected a lot of people.  The Royal Mail covered all the losses including the shipping costs, and Nexus gave me a nice discount voucher and free shipping for a future order.  The package was sent for the fourth time and arrived safe and sound and in a reasonable amount of time.

I have placed a new order for several pre-order products that look really nice, but I’ll cover them in a future post.

The minis arrived in a regular sort of mailing box, there wasn’t any extra padding inside the box itself, but the minis and stands were packed in nice and tight and were quite secure.  I had ordered two sets for the deal, so they were sufficient to fill the box.



The Viper pilots,err, Dino-Rangers are available as a set or individually. It would be nice to see some female Dino-Rangers, but there aren’t any available yet.


Dino-Rangers Army Builder



Dino-Ranger Helmet Sprue


Dino-Ranger No. 1 (Codename Helios)


Dino-Ranger No. 2 (Codename Galicia)


Dino-Ranger No. 3 (Codename Joey)


Major Caprican, Supreme Commander of the Legion I don’t have this one yet, but he’s on pre-order

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