Battlestar Galactica Character Miniatures (part 6) – Crooked Dice Game Design Studio

The last miniature company that I ordered from was Crooked Dice Game Design Studio.
More Cylons!  This time called “Argonauts” and mostly found under the “Villains and Monsters” section.
They don’t have anything that really looks like Viper Pilots, but they have a ton of other very nice minis for all sorts of shows including “Planet of the Apes”, “Space 1999”, and even a “Mork” mini. I had to order some of the Simians along with my Argonauts and I’m sure I’ll be ordering more from them in the future.

These came in a padded envelope and in zip lock bags inside. I’ll have to snap a few better pictures of the actual minis when I get mine out of temporary storage.


Argonauts MkII – Armed 1



Argonauts Mk II – Armed 2



Mk II Argonaut Commander



Argonauts MkII – Unarmed



Mounted Simians



Simian Minions



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