BSG Miniatures – The Galactica (Reimagined)

I’ve now primed my fleet of miniatures and am ready to start painting. I figured I would start with a fairly easy one, and one that I had a good reference to work off of, so I picked the Galactica from the Reimagined series.

It looks like the mold was almost a direct copy of the Hasbro Titanium toys that were produced a few years ago.  Here is a picture with the Titanium toy on the left and my primed but unpainted Ravenstar Studios miniature on the right, first picture is the tops, second picture is the bottoms.

I was doing a bit of experimenting today and used Sharpie pens rather than model paint to put in the reds, yellow, and grey.  It works reasonably well on flat areas but if there is any sort of texture, it’s hard to get good coverage.  I then did a black wash to finish it up, which I may have done a little heavy but I’m happy with the result, I think it compares fairly well to the Titanium version.


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