Battlestar Galactica Ravenstar Studios Miniatures Fleet

I ordered a bunch of Battlestar Galactica Miniatures from Ravenstar Studios quite some time ago, a couple of Fleet packs and a few individual ships.  I’ve finally sorted them out and matched the miniatures to their names.  Most of them haven’t been touched yet with the exception of one of the new Cylon Baseships and the Raven Battlestar, which have been assembled and primed.  The ships are a combination of ships seen in the original Battlestar Galactica, the re-imagined series and the Blood and Chrome web series.

Today’s project will be to clean the flash off the ones that need assembling and glue them together.  I may create and individual post for each ship type as I go along, but for today, here is a picture of the whole set and a list of which ships they are, as much for my own use in keeping track of them as for anything else.  I’ve also pinned a bunch of photos to Pinterest to help me figure which ships are which and what some of them should look like when assembled and painted.

Battlestar Galactica Fleet

The ships from left to right are:

Cylon Basestar [TOS] [1]
Cylon Tanker [TOS] [3]
Nightstar EBS [1]
Nu Cylon Baseship [2]
Lightray Warcutter [4]
Raven Battlestar [1]
Crow War Tender [2]
Starweaver Tender [2]
Livery Ship / Mining Ship [2]
Astral Queen / Jail Ship [3]
Colonial Mover [3]
Gemini Freighter [5]
Celestra / Research Ship [4]
Rising Star [3]
Scorpia Salvage and Repair / Foundry Ship / Flat top [5]
Botanical Cruiser / Agro Ship [2]
Cloud 9 / Dome Ship [1]
Olympic Carrier [8]
Refueling Ship [4]
Goliath / Refinery Ship [1]
Sparrow Freighter [2]
Ring Ship [1]
Colonial One [2]
Nu Ribbed BSG [1]
Berzerk Gun ships [2]
Valkyrie Battlestar [2]
Osiris ­ Orion class [1]
Loki heavy cruiser [2]
Catamaran class [2]
Columbia class Battlestar [2]
Defender litestar [1]
Eros troop carrier [1]
Hebe support ship [1]


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