Battlestar Galactica Starfighter Shipyards Miniatures – Part 2

I did some more work on my very tiny Battlestar Galactica miniatures.  I primed the rest of the ships and got the TOS Vipers and both sets of Cylons painted.   I used Tamiya Fine Surface Primer on them, which worked very well, and then I used some Sharpie Extra Fine Paint pens to do the black parts on all the ships and the red stripes on the vipers:

002002aThe next challenge was to get the decals onto the Cylons.  Once again, very big hands trying to work with very small objects.

I did get a pair of squizzers from Micro-Mark, and some Watchmaker’s Tweezers to help my big hands deal with the really small decals.  It took a couple tries to get the hang of it but I got pretty good at trimming the decals, soaking them in the water, transferring them to my finger tip and doing kind of a finger roll to get them on the ship. With a little water, they could usually still be moved around on the ship a little to fine tune the positioning.


The decals took quite awhile to do, I had twenty cylons to do with two decals each, so my hands were a little cramped by the time I was done, but, again, I was quite happy with the results.


The next thing to do was to get them mounted onto stands.  I did this in a few steps, using supplies from several places and incorporating an idea that I’m quite proud of.  The first step was to use some stainless steal earring studs that I picked up from a local hobby store specializing in beads and supplies for making jewelry.  I liked these because they are flat on the bottom, have a post length that is reasonable and magnets will stick to them.



Next up were some Adhesive Backed Rare Earth Magnets from Lee Valley, the smallest size they had,1/4″ diameter, 0.04″ thickness.  I then attached the magnets to a couple different types of Omni Stand Fighter Toppers from Corsec Engineering.  I then added a base and a connecting rod and I’ve got my squadron of Vipers.  I like the earring stud base and magnet combination with the flight stands because it gives me flexibility in the number of ships and the type of ships that I can have at any given time.006a




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