Battlestar Galactica Starfighter Shipyards Miniatures

I recently ordered some very tiny Battlestar Galactica Fighter Minatures from Starfighter Shipyards.

For Vipers I ordered the “TOS Vipers”, “Scorpion Early TOS Viper”, and I also got what looks like the “TOS Cobra Interceptor” although I don’t recall ordering that one and the page didn’t list it as being available at the time.

For Cylons I ordered the “Cylon TOS Raiders” and I also got some “Cylon Razor Raiders” which, again, I don’t think I ordered. But thanks for the extras!

The delivery showed up in a timely manner and was well packed.

The ships themselves had quite a lot of flash on them, but most of it was easy to remove.  There was however one set of Cylons where it was fairly thick and I had to use a modelling knife to get it off.

Starfighter Shipyards1

It was a little challenging for me to get all the flash off since the ships are very small (the coin in the photo is a quarter) and my hands are very large.  However, after about an hour, I was able to get them cleaned up quite nicely.

Starfigher Shipyards cleaned

They do have small holes on the underside to allow for mounting, which I think would normally be done with thin wire of some sort, but I am going to use either thumb tacks or earring posts.  That way they can either stand alone or get attached to a flight base equipped with a small magnet.

Here’s a “Scorpion Early TOS Viper” with the thumb tack attached, stands on it’s own quite nicely.


It can also sit nicely by itself on a Corsec base with a magnetic top:


Or, if I swap out the magnetic top for a flight stand with a few small Lee Valley adhesive magnets attached, it can sit there with a couple additional fighters as well.


The next challenge will be painting them.  I am going to try priming them with a spray primer first and hope that it doesn’t obscure the details, which are very nice especially considering how small they are.

I also got a set of decals for the Cylons but they are so tiny that I have no idea how I would get them cut out, much less soak them in water then apply them.  Actually, I’m just assuming that’s how they get applied, I didn’t see any instructions.  The whole outside square border in the picture below is 3 cm, just over an inch.


If you need a bunch of small fighters for your Fleet battles, these will do quite nicely and the pricing is very reasonable too, especially when extra ships get thrown in :). The whole set, with the decals cost me $33.00 US.


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