BSG Miniatures – Battlestar Columbia

My set of miniatures included two labeled “Columbia Class Battlestar”.  It seems that this is referring to the ship in the BSG – Razor episodes.

The Columbia in that episode is similar to the Galactica but has additional armour plating where the Galactica has ribs. It also has blue strips and markings rather than red, although there is another similar battlestar in the scenes which does have red markings.

This site has a clip of video that shows the scenes with the Battlestar Columbia:  Destruction of Columbia

This shot shows the armor plating and if you look closely you can see the blue markings on the nose

BSG Razor - Battlestar Columbia

In this shot you can see the blue markings on the landing bay:

Battlestar Columbia - Another shot showing the blue marking on the landing bay

And here you can see the blue ring on the dish with no symbol inside, and a couple of the gun turrets behind the ring:

Battlestar Columbia - Columbia's dish - no symbol and blue ring only:

One thing that you don’t see in any of these shots are all the extra gun turrets that have been added to the miniature on the top and the bottom, not sure why they were added:

Columbia 001


Here is a shot of the first finished miniature with the red markings next to the unfinished miniature:



And the second miniature painted with the blue markings, messed up the circle a bit but doesn’t look too bad

Mini's 001


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  1. watch Blood and Chrome and the Armour and guns will be obvious to you, watch its commentary and you will hear that galactica had some its armour removed prior to “decommisioning”. Its in my “book” ‘ Battlestar Evolution: A Complete history of the Colonial ship-of-the-line’.

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