BSG Miniatures – Cloud Nine

The next miniature up for painting is Cloud Nine, which is from the Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series.  It is a massive luxury liner that has a huge pressurized dome attached to the main ship.  The dome provides a realistic simulation of a planetary surface including an artificial holographic sky.  It is similar in concept to the Agro Ships from the original Battlestar Galactica.

It eventually gets destroyed when an atomic warhead is set off on the ship. Here’s a couple screenshots from the series:

Cloud Nine

The miniature itself isn’t very large, it’s mid size compared to some of the others, the shot below shows it next to a quarter.

009Mini's 001


Here’s what is looks like after the second coat of white paint on the dome and with black applied to the ridges, haven’t attempting the lines between the ridges yet. I also haven’t decided yet if I want to do a very light blue wash on the dome, or if the portions of the grey primer still showing through give enough of the effect I’m looking for.

Mini's 002


Here’s a shot of someone else’s finished miniature that has blue on it, even if I do put some on I think I will go lighter;


Cloud 9 / Dome Ship - Ravenstar Studios

Got the lines put in, a little shaky but reasonably happy with them, only got one extra one in the wrong spot.  I think I will do a light blue wash once the lines are dry, might soften up the line edges a little.



I painted the main body Aluminium, painted the small landing bay white, then did a black wash on the the main body.  I painted the underside of the dome blue, then did a light blue wash on the top of the dome:




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