Cloaked Romulans

This was certainly one of the easiest sets of miniatures to do.  Shapeways announced that they were going to discontinue offering Transparent Acrylic as an option, so I decided to order a few Romulan ships in it to use as cloaked vessels while I still could.

I ordered three of the 3733 Scale Romulan War Eagles  and three of the 3788 Scale Romulan KRC Command Cruisers from Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc, the company that does the Star Fleet Battles and Federation Commander games.  At some point I’ll have to order some non-transparent versions to use when they aren’t cloaked, but I’m not in a rush for that.

They showed up, I stuck some of the Corsec mounts on them and they were done.   I was happy to see that the necks on the cruisers were reasonably straight but a little disappointed that a couple of the warp engines bent inwards more than they should have, but overall they are decent miniatures.


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