Favourite Music

I’m planning on posting a new set of articles on my favourite music.  This may be a particular album or cd, or an artist in general, or possibly even an individual song.  I’ll probably start with some of the albums that I listened to repeatedly when I was younger and then move into more recent material.

I like a large range of music, everything from Classic Rock, to 80’s  New Wave, to Folk and just about everything in between.  I’m not a fan of hard core Heavy Metal, Country, Opera or Classical but even with those there are exceptions.

I’ve got a large enough CD collection that I  spent a few years when I was younger as a DJ, doing staff parties, weddings and things like that.  And I actually had a larger collection of Cassette tapes than I had of CD’s.

In fact, I still have a large collect of tapes that I’m slowly ripping to ITunes.  Strangely enough I’ve got quite a few that don’t seem to be available in CD format or on ITunes.  Or, they just aren’t quite good enough to buy a new copy of, but not quite bad enough to just throw out.

Some of the CDs and artists that I’m planning to write about (in no particular order) are:

  • Meatloaf – Bat Out of Hell
  • Beatles – Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • Adam & The Ants – Prince Charming (and others)
  • Tears for Fears – The Hurting / Songs from the Big Chair
  • Duran Duran – Rio (and others)
  • Dire Straits – Love Over Gold
  • Queen – Greatest Hits (Classic Queen)
  • The Police – Synchronicity
  • Peter Schilling – Error in the System
  • Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer
  • Kiss
  • Fred Eaglesmith
  • Kate Bush
  • U2
  • 54-40
  • Doug & the Slugs
  • New Order

As a bit of an aside, one of the things I’d like to do at some point is figure out how many of the Rolling Stone Magazines Top 500 albums I actually own.  I can say that I’ve got four out of the top ten, all of the Beatles albums 🙂

But, that’s it for the moment, back to doing school work, less than three weeks left!

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