Getting Started

I’ve finally decided to do something with this site again after leaving dormant for several years, so I’ve installed WordPress on it and figured I’d turn it into a blog.

I’m not under any delusions that I’ll get a ton of people following this, it’s rally just going to be a place for me to share some random thoughts on subjects that don’t fit my gaming site.  I might cover things as diverse as what courses I’m currently taking at SAIT, my thoughts on the years I spent in Karate, maybe some notes on my investigation on what it would take to get my next level of ITIL certification.   I’ll probably write a little on why I let this site go dormant and moved to Facebook, and why I’m now moving back to a blog site.  I might also write a little on my attempts to lose some weight and get healthier, which has been an ongoing battle for a few years now.

I’ll also use it as a place to track links to various websites, those of friends and family as well as those that I find useful for referencing for various projects that I’m working on.

I might also see if I can convince my wife to post a couple things here, particular about her stained glass projects.  Or, we may finally get her set up with her own website for doing that.  Time will tell 🙂

The first thing up will be to find a theme I like and get a few things configured on the site, so if anyone is checking it out, expect to see several changes over the next few weeks.

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