Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2014 was a pretty good year for me, although I didn’t do any posting to this blog, maybe I’ll post a few more things in 2015.

The sidebars on what I’m reading and my Fitness goals get more updates than anything else here.  As far as projects I worked on in 2014, it was primarily playing with Realm Works from Lone Wolf Development, and a little bit of work on Hero Lab, also from Lone Wolf Development.  Both of those are related to Roleplaying Games, which would normally get posted on my ICE Webring site, however, I’ve kind of let that site slip too.  ICE hasn’t really put anything new out in a couple years, other than one or two small items.  I’ve seriously considered dropping that site and just moving some of the best material from there over to this site, but to be honest, it would really be more work than I’m willing to put into it at this point.

As for this site and the upcoming year. I don’t have any major plans.  At some point I do want to go through and photograph all my old concert Tee shirts, then I’ll probably post them here and then pin them to a new board on Pinterest.  I may do the same with a bunch of the old cabaret posters I collected back when I was in University.  But, those projects have been on my list for a few years now and I still haven’t started them.

One project that is getting closer to completion is converting/replacing all my old cassette tapes with digital copies.  I was able to update the crappy recordings I created from my tapes with decent copies for a couple tapes I thought I’d never find.  One was for an 80’s Calgary band, The Kids, and another was for a short lived Canadian band called Minutes from Downtown, who had a five song mini album.  I also got a reasonable decent copy of an album by another short lived Canadian group called Men’s Room that I liked, although that one still has room for improvement

MinutesFromDownTown Kids MensRoom



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