Importing blog entries into Facebook

I’ve finally been able to get back into the settings in Facebook that theoretically will show posts that I make here in my blog show as Notes in Facebook.  I had this setup before but it seemed to stop working.  I figured a simple solution might be to simply turn it off, then reset it.   Turning it off worked okay, but I got an assortment of different interesting errors when I tried to turn it back on.   I did a bit of Googling and this doesn’t seem to be a unique problem for me.   I did finally end up logging it as a problem with Facebook about three weeks ago.  I never did get a reply back from Facebook, but when I made my weekly attempt today, it actually let me change the setting and it pulled in the existing blog entries.

It remains to be seen whether this new entry gets picked up or not, and if it does, how long it takes.

For those that are interested in doing something similar, log into your Facebook account, click on your name beside your photo to get to your profile page. 

Find the “Notes” tab on the menu bar under your name and click on it. 

Near the bottom of the left hand column you should find a link labelled “Edit Import Settings” which will take you to a screen where you can enter the URL for an RSS feed for your blog.  With any luck, after you enter the path and click the appropriate button, it will import your blog entries.


  1. Ok, switched over to Facebooks new profiles, removed my blog settings and added it back in again. Screens looked a little different this time and it did pick up the existing entries almost right away. The test will be to add a new entry here and then see if it gets picked up.

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