Model Building

It’s been years since I built a model, even though I have a few unbuilt ones that I’ve been hanging onto for years. I decided to give it another try, and to warm up, I built the recently re-released “Interplanetary UFO”.  It’s a model with an interesting history and my Pinterest pages have some links to some pages with good information on it.

I forgot how annoying it is to try and get the pieces to come off the spruce with a clean cut.
Anyway, I now have it build, I haven’t put any decals on it yet, but here is what it looks like under regular light, and under black light


There is a very similiar model, the Leif Ericson, which isn’t made of glow in the dark plastic but does come with a lighting kit. There are also a couple minor differences in the parts. I haven’t built that one yet, but hope to soon.

Here are the boxes for the two kits:

UFO and Leif Ericson

And the backs of the boxes:

U.F.O. and Leif Back

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