STA – Episode 7 – The Wandering Child

Adventure number seven in my ongoing Star Trek Adventures campaign was “The Wandering Child”. This adventure is out of the old Task Force Games “Prime Adventures 1” journal/module. I ran this one years ago in my old FASA Star Trek campaign. It’s available as a PDF on DriveThru RPG.

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Star Trek Ship Minatures – Tugs

My most recent miniatures project was doing up some Tugs for Star Trek. These came from several sources. Most of them are Lou Zocchi’s Gamescience Ptolomy Class Tugs that came out in the late 70’s early 80’s. These also came out as set part of a set for Federation Commander.

There are a couple that I have had for decades, they are darker than the ones from the Federation Commander set.

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Star Trek Characters – TOS Bridge Crew Miniatures

Another set I did about a year ago was The Original Series Bridge Crew from Modiphius.

The miniatures have their usual great level of detail, but I will say that I don’t like the Scotty miniature all that much, just the pose on him doesn’t seem right. I don’t recall him doing a lot of running while talking into a communicator in the show.

As usual, some assembly is required, arms to be glued on, and then glue them to the bases. Krazy Glue or something similar works fine, just being careful not to glue your fingers to the miniatures.

I also found out today from a forum posting that the phaser arms for Kirk and Sulu were accidentally swapped in production, as well as the communicator arms for Kirk and Scott.

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Star Trek Characters – Impact Miniatures

I will happily admit that I completely stole this character idea from a friend of mine. He had the idea to have an NPC Captain of a ship in a wheelchair and not able to personally go on many Away Missions. Now, when I originally went looking for a miniature for a character like this, I was thinking of a retired Admiral that I could use in a Battlestar Galactica RPG that I was planning to run, but never did. I still may run it someday.

However, I did find a miniature that I liked, and I bought two of them. It’s called “Rich Old Man in Wheelchair” from Impact Miniatures and is part of their “Urban Achievers” range. They have a fun line of Roller Derby and other sport miniatures as well.

I decided to paint one of the miniatures up as a Star Fleet Admiral or Captain in case I wanted to use the idea in my upcoming Campaign. At that point, I didn’t really know which idea or time period I was going to run in.

The wheels come as separate pieces and need to be glued on, but that is straight forward. Then a coating of primer.

I was painting him at the same time I was painting my set of Original Series mini’s from Modiphius, so here he is hanging out with Spock.

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Star Trek Characters – Hero Forge and Grym Forge

I have bought and painted most of the miniatures that are available from Modiphius and other sources, but the Players in my Star Trek Adventures campaign have managed to come up with some characters that just don’t have a miniature available. Oqwadel, our female Aurelian Chief of Security is a good example of this. The Aurelian’s are described in the Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook.

After searching unsuccessfully for a miniature that would work, I decided to try and design one on Hero Forge. For those that aren’t familiar with it, it’s a website that allows you to design your own custom miniatures for 3D printing.

I spent some time playing around with the website, which is reasonably easy to figure out, and came up with two designs for Oqwadel that I liked, one with a skirt and one with pants.

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Star Trek Miniatures – Galaxy Gaming Gear

Although I usually use the Modiphius miniatures and other similar miniatures for my regular Star Trek Adventures games, there is another style I really like and often use at Conventions and some one shot games.

These are the Sci Fi miniatures and Tiles from Galaxy Gaming Gear, a local company that has a unique style. Their main line is actually Fantasy Miniatures, and they do tokens as well. I’ve mentioned them in a few of my other postings, but I thought it would be nice to dedicate one just to them.

The first set of items I got from them was a set of the Ship Tiles, the Ship Decor, the Ship Doors, a Viewscreen, and a set of the Adventuring Party Crew.

I purchased and made use of these at the Calgary Comic Expo in 2019. Made for a great Wormhole for Deep Space Nine.

Flying around in a Runabout.

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Star Trek Characters – Romulan Miniatures

Another set of miniatures that I painted last year was the Romulan Strike Team from Modiphius for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game.

This is a set of 10 miniatures, and as usual, they are highly detailed and require some assembly. I use Krazy Glue or some other cyanoacrylate glue on them and it works well. I only occasionally glue one of the miniatures to my fingers.

A few unassembled Romulans
Assembled Romulans on the box they came in.
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Star Trek Characters – Federation Away Team Miniatures

I had this one sitting on my shelf for years and finally got around to painting them when I was painting the Modiphius Next Generation Miniatures last year. These came out in 1998 for the Last Unicorn Games version of the Star Trek The Next Generation Roleplaying game. I believe it is the only set of miniatures that they did for the game. They are much smaller than the Modiphius miniatures, 25mm rather than 32mm. But, for being so small and made of lead, they are still quite detailed. I do think some of the heads are a little too large though. It’s more noticeable in the photos than when they are in play on the table.

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Star Trek Characters – Klingon Miniatures

I’m catching up on doing some postings about some of the miniatures that I have painted. First up is the Klingons. I did these ones a year ago, in April 2019.

I had the 32mm Klingon Warband set from Modiphius as well as some 28mm “Rim Aliens” from Space Vixens from Mars which were a little smaller and less detailed but still quite nice.

“Rim aliens”
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Corsec Engineering – Sad News

For those of you who may not know, Jonathan Bowen, owner of CorSec Engineering, passed away on Feb 8th 2020.

In August he had posted that he went into the ER at the end of May with complications due to his Crohn’s disease and was still recovering. It sounded like he was doing better, but I guess he wasn’t, no details were released.

Those who have read some of my blog postings on starship miniatures know that I am a big fan of his system of stands, and he was always a pleasure to deal with. He will be missed and my sympathy goes out to his friends and family.

I had heard he had passed away about a month ago, but didn’t want to post anything until I heard something more official, which turned out to be a new posting on the Facebook page.