Reading is something that I’ve always enjoyed, from the time I first learned how to read I used to love going to the library and taking out as many books as possible.  I couldn’t even begin to calculate how many books I’ve read in my life.  I pretty much cleaned out the school library within the first few years of being in school.  When the librarian got new books in, she wouldn’t even bother putting them on the shelves, she’d just hand them over to me and after I returned them, then she would find a home for them on the shelf.

By the time I was in grade 6, my Mom had gone with me to our local public library and had them put a note on my card saying it was okay for me to sign out books from the adult section as long as the content was suitable.  That’s when I really discovered Science Fiction and really took off from there.

It’s also why the recent news that the Calgary Public Library System is looking at reducing hours and not opening one of the new branches because of budget shortfalls was very disappointing.

Some details on the story can be found at:

There is a Mayoral election coming up soon, so it will be interesting to see what some of the way too many candidates have to say on this particular issue.

It’s also why I decided to do a donation to the “Indigo Love of Reading Foundation: Adopt a School” program.  I’ve adopted the school in my neighbourhood and signed up for a five book donation. The website for Acadia School’s page can be found at:

My hope is that there is some other child that is anxiously waiting for something new to devour and I can help feed his/her appetite for good stories.

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