Shapeways 3D Printed Miniatures

I decided to give 3D printing a try via Shapeways, so I ordered two batches of ships from them, mostly in the cheapest format, “White, Strong, Flexible”.  This post is a listing of the ships that I ordered for reference, I’ll describe how they worked out with painting in future posts. The “1/270” scale is the scale used in the X-Wing game. I ordered most of the Fighter ships I could find for Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers, with a couple Space 1999 ships thrown in for the second order.

This is the first order:


Starting from the top going across we have:

Heavy Cylon Raider 1/270

Old Cylon Raider 1/270

Colonial Viper Mk I 1/270

Colonial Viper Mk II 1/270

Colonial Viper Mk VII 1/270

Cylon Raider 1/270

Colonial Raptor 1/270

Second row:

Space Race -#3 – Starfighter – in Frosted Ultra Detail

Thunderfighter 1/270

Draconian Hatchet Fighter 1/270 – 2 per pack

Hatchet Fighter 1/270

Thunder Fighter Variants 1/270 (Buck Rogers)

And here is the second order:


Eaglet – Basic

Mark IX Hawkeye

Original Colonial Fighter – 1/270

Thunderfighter 1/144

FIXINGsearcher2 Rescaled

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