STA – Episode 3 – Border Dispute.

Cover of "These Are The Voyages"
Cover of “These Are The Voyages”

This was the fourth adventure in the ongoing campaign. I ran this one on December 8th before a break for the holidays.

This one was from the “These are the Voyages” Adventure book from Modiphius rather than from the Living Campaign, but it fits in very nicely with the Shackleton Expanse adventures, and with the general “What are the Romulans up to?” direction that is becoming a feature of the Campaign.

One of the highlights of the adventure was when Garrett, playing Lt. Cmd. Taemin Rahn suddenly realized  who the saboteur was and that he was alone with them in the room, one step away from handing over exactly what the saboteur wanted. The look on his face and subsequent scrambling to try and salvage the situation, or at least not end up dead was brilliant. I’ve decided to award a “Spotlight Milestone” for it.

Milestones of various types are how Character Advancement works in Star Trek Adventures, and it’s something I’ve been negligent on up until now, so I’m retroactively handing some out and reviewing how they work. that’s part of the fun of learning the rules as we go as a group. I try and cover something new each time we play.

We once again played at the Crowfoot Public Library, and I was able to debut my new sign, which I put just outside the meeting room.

The text on the sign says

Star Trek & Sci Fi Gaming Meetup

Playing Star Trek Adventures by Modiphius Entertainment

Con on in if you want to find out how it’s played or have any other questions.

It’s a way to deal with the fact that we aren’t in as open an area as we were before. We still want to give the game some exposure to the public and get additional people interested in it, so this seemed like a good way to do that. I did notice several people stopping to read it, and I think it helped our new player Nicholas find us.

We have had one player drop out due to over commitment, too many games all running on various Sundays. But, there are new people interested in joining, so things are balancing out.

The session itself went well, the players accomplished most of the Directives, which were:

  • Ensure the Romulans Have No Excuse to Declare War on the Federation
  • Save as many of the Nightingale Crew as Possible
  • Do Not Allow Federation Technology to Fall to the Romulans

The last one was the only one that wasn’t a complete success, they kept the Romulans from getting their sister ship the Nightingale, but the Romulan agent did escape with data on the Federation forces along the Neutral Zone and information on the Nova Class Starships. However, they did identify who the agent was and what data was compromised, thus limiting the damage done. And this probably won’t be the last they see of Commander Mheven of the D’Deridex Class Warbird IRW T’Varen and the former agent.


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