STA Mission Report 05 – Fading Suns

Adventure Source: Living Campaign Adventure 03

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Game Date: January 19 2020

Session Post:

Teaser: The Kimura is delivering scientific equipment to Epsilon 19, a scientific research station in the Osarin system, deep in the Shackleton Expanse. The star of the Osarin system is collapsing at an unusual rate and is mysteriously emitting triolic waves of increasing strength. Epsilon 19 was constructed to monitor the star and determine the reason for its rapid decay, as well as find the source of the triolic radiation.

Active Characters:

  • Captain T’Kor (Terry)
  • Lt. Asha (Jaime)
  • Lt. Oqwadel (Raven)
  • Chief Petty Officer Dallas Brenner (Jon)
  • Cmd. Xedrik (Trevor)
  • Lt Cmd. Taemin Rahn (Garrett)

Important NPCs:

  • Commander Erich Johansson – Commander of Epsilon 19
  • Lenana Mosa – Head Scientist on Epsilon 19
  • Captain Paja Tajenko – Orion trader captain

Notable Information: The Osarin system is inhabited by cosmozoan life-forms that live on the sun’s surface, consuming vast quantities of energy from it, emitting triolic waves as part of the process. They are spawning and the young are heading out into deep space, probably in search of stars of their own.

Mission Recap: The Kimura returned to Narendra Station, after towing the Nightingale to Starbase 123 for repairs and refit.

Lt. Cmd. Dihas Krevo, the Chief Engineer, finished her exchange program and returned to the I.K.S. Mupwl’ under Captain Akul.

Lt. Cmd Rowan Tonelli transferred from the Mupwl’ to the Kimura as Chief Engineer.

The Kimura also picked up Lt. Cmd. Reitta Andreas, an experienced Security Officer and Chief Petty Officer Dallas Brenner as an Operations Officer. All the engineers, scientists, and security staff were tasked with installing upgraded sensor suites and defensive grids and trouble-shooting the new software that went with the physical installations. The Mupwl’ was getting similar upgrades at the same time.

The Kimura and the Mupwl’ are then assigned to shepherd a convoy to Array 3-5, on of the joint Federation-Klingon research posts deep with the Shackleton Expanse.
Along the way, they are to deliver scientific equipment to Epsilon 19, a scientific research station in the Osarin system, also deep in the Shackleton Expanse.

Upon arrival it is noted that an unarmed merchant vessel is also orbiting Epsilon 19. After off-loading the equipment, Commander Erich Johansson invites Captain T’Kor and Captain Akul and several crew members of their choice for dinner and to spend the two days that it will take the convey to complete the trip to Array 3-5 and return. Captain Akul declines, but Captain T’kor accepts. Several of his crew are interested in the research happening at Epsilon 19, as well as being somewhat concerned about the presence of an Orion merchant ship at the station.

At the welcoming dinner, the Orion, Paja, brings several fifts for the stainon crew, which she presents to Commander Johansson. Johansson seems to be completely taken with the beautiful Orion captain and Captain T’Kor completely fails to convince the Station Commander to not let the all the Orions have shore leave on the station.

Cmd. Xedrik hits it off very well with Lenana Mosa, the Bolian head scientist on the station. Her work at the station meshes well with his interests in spatial anomalies and quantum mechanics. They get into a deep conversation about how the new equipment will help them determine why the energy from the Osarin sun seems to just be vanishing, perhaps slipping into another dimension.

Several of the Kimura crew members manage to get some time alone with the Commander after dinner, away from the influence of Paja, the Orion trader captain. They manage to convince him to limit the number of Orions allowed on the station to four at a time. They also agree to meet him in an hour to tour the station’s command deck.

Cmd. Xedrik spends the hour touring the labs with Lenana. Lt. Oqwadel spends her time keeping an eye on Pasha, and informing her of the limit of four crew members at a time being allowed on the station.

The Kimura crew meets at the turbolift and proceeds to the station’s command deck. Before they get there, the lift screeches to a galt and then plummets several floors before the emergency brakes stop the fall. Moments later the shaft shudders and the turbolift falls a bit more. There has been an explosion above them somewhere.

They are fortunate that no one has an major injuries, and they manage to get out of the emergency hatch in the roof. Looking up, flames are shooting out into the turbolift from where the command center for the station is located.

They get out of the turbolift shaft and onto the deck with the Crew quarters. Several scientists are found there, four of them with minor injuries. Most are still in their quarters, which is standard procedure if the station is under attack or severely damaged.

They then make their way down to the Science Labs. They find Lenana Mosa here. She is injured but not badly. They are also able to access the arms and equipment locker and equip themselves with tricorders, phasers and other basic Starfleet equipment.

Several of the crew members try and make their way down to Main Engineering through the Jefferies tubes. On the way down Lt. Asha, the ship’s counselor slips and ends up wedged in with her knees up by her shoulders.  Lt. Oqwadel, the Chief of Security manages to scrounge up some cabling to use as rope and fish her out.

In Engineering, they find two dead engineers, killed in the explosion, and one of the panels on fire from a broken EPS conduit. They manage to shut down the plasma flow to the conduit and restore partial power. However, the readouts show a massive power drain from the fusion drive. The energy appears to be siphoning off into nowhere. There is also triolic radiation coming from the fusion drive.

Meanwhile, in the lab area, the Captain T’Kor and Lt. Oqwadel confront two Orions “moving equipment to a safer location”. Captain T’Kor manages to succeed in convincing them to give up without a fight and surrender rather than engage in a fire fight or brawl.

With power being partially restored, Cmd. Xedrik is able to work with Lenana Mosa to determine that there are massive entities, many kilometers in diameter, that are slightly out of phase with most other life-forms, living on the surface of the sun. They are consuming vast quantities of energy from it, and something in that process is causing the triolic waves.

Apparently they are also spawning. The new entities are mostly oblong in shape, about one meter in diameter and 2-3 meters in length. These uoung are leaving the sun immediately and heading out into deep space – probably in search of stars of their own. It appears that the station’s fusion generators drew one of these in.

Capt. T’Kor decides to try and do a mind meld with the creature in Main Engineering but gets the mental equivalent of “Moo” as a response. Apparently the creatures are not really sentient.

They come up with a plan to shield the station and use one of the shuttles ,briefly considering using the Orion ship, to draw the entity away. It’s a fairly difficult task but they manage to pull it off.

Unfortunately, they do discover that the Command Center at the top of the station was utterly consumed in flame, killing all the Starfleet personnel, including Commander Johansson. It is determined that several EPS conduits in the command center exploded, leading to massive damage and plasma fires. Massive feedback from the station’s fusion reactor caused the explosions. It wasn’t caused by Orion sabotage as some people suspected.

They spend the next two days assisting with repairs to the station until the Kimura and the convoy return to pick them up.

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