STA Mission Report 08 – The Wandering Child

Adventure Source: Prime Adventures 1 (adapted)

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Game Date: April 19 2020

Session Post:

Teaser: An automated distress call from a cargo ship called “The Wandering Child” is picked up near where the Borg Cube recently entered a transwarp corridor. No further communication is received from the ship.

An initial scan shows that “The Wandering Child” appears to be operating normally, moving at a slow but steady pace from the direction of Klingon space towards an Andorian colony in the Shackleton Expanse.

Active Characters:

  • Cmd O’Nnyah (Raven)
  • Lt. Cmd. Taemin Rahn (Garrett)
  • Lt. Cmd. Reittan Andreas (Jon)
  • Ensign Wolfgang Ratzel (Terry)
  • Lt. Cmd. Rowan Tonelli (Jaime)
  • Cmd. Xedrik (Trevor)

Important NPCs:

  • Siren Bugs

Notable Information: Opening a transwarp conduit in the areas of electromagnetic storms in the Shackleton Expanse can cause rifts to other dimensions.

Mission Recap: The adventure started up where the previous one left off. The crew is following the Borg Cube on sensors as it opens a transwarp conduit and heads back to Borg space. However, opening the conduit further disturbs the electomagnetic and gravimetric eddies that exist in the Shackleton expanse, creating storm like conditions. The Kimura’s sensors pick up a cargo ship, “The Wandering Child”, heading directly towards the storm.

They are unable to establish communications with the cargo ship, although all indications are that a channel has been successfully opened and they should be able to respond.

The “Kimura” sets course to intercept, doing several scans as they approach. The systems on “The Wandering Child” seem to working okay, but no life signs are picked up, other than a few faint indistinct readings, which could be caused by the interference in the area.

They catch up to the cargo ship and manage to lock a tractor beam onto it and bring it to a halt, however, it’s engines are still going at near full power. They don’t shut down, but the ship also doesn’t attempt any maneuvering to break free. It seems to be mindless attempting to continue on it’s original course.

Captain T’Kor decides to send an away team over to investigate.

The Away Team consists of:

  • Cmd O’Nnyah, the Caitian Chief Medical Officer
  • Lt. Cmd. Taemin Rahn, the Betaziod Operations Manager
  • Lt. Cmd. Reittan Andreas, the Human/Betaziod Security Officer
  • Ensign Wolfgang Ratzel, the Human Technician/Combat Engineer
  • Lt. Cmd. Rowan Tonelli, the Human Chief Engineer
  • Cmd. Xedrik, the Science Officer

They successfully beam over, but almost immediately all the lights go out and they are left in the dark.

They spend a little time finding light sources, pulling a couple out from the Medical and Engineering kits, then jury rigging one of the tricorders to serve as a spot light. They also find a locker that has an emergency lantern, as well as an airlock with a couple of suits, one standard humanoid size, and one smaller one. It’s sized for a Ferengi although they don’t know that at the time.

They eventually get to opening the door to the Auxiliary Control room, with Lt. Cmd. Andreas in the lead. He immediately gets blasted by a Siren Bug, which is enough to cause Dr. O’Nnyah to drop to her knees and cover her ears even though she is half way across the other room.

Fortunately, Andreas is able to partially reclose the door with one hand, blocking most of the blast, and shoot from the hip with the other hand completely nailing the bug.

They continue investigating the ship, finding that the Bridge had been breached and was in vacuum, then find their way to the battery compartments and manage to get some battery power restored.

They also make their way back to Engineering and figure out that they had moved through a rift into an alternate universe where the laws of physics were different, so most complicated equipment including ship engines would not work. Maneuvering thrusters did work though, including those on the shuttle craft.

Returning to the shuttlebay, they find two more Siren Bugs in a state of hibernation on the roof of the shuttlecraft that they plan to use to escape. The shuttlebay was in vacuum so Ensign Ratzel used one of the suits that they found in the near the transport pads to go into the shuttlebay, have one of the other crew members open the bay doors a little, and basically tossed the bugs out the bay doors.

They then successfully fly the shuttlecraft back out through the rift and into their own space.

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