STA Mission Report 17 – We Are The Stars That Sing With Our Life

Adventure Source: Living Campaign Adventure 07

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Game Date: March 14 2021

Session Post: No Session Post

Teaser: Following the discoveries on Seku VI during the episode Signals, Starfleet has ordered all starships assigned to Narendra Station to the region around the Alpha Toryui star system. They are to assist in the recovery of a civilian archaeological team and in assisting a Starfleet Corps of Engineers Geospatial survey platoon from Alpha Toryui II after long range sensors detected that the primary of the system was days from gravitational collapse and becoming a supernova.

Active Characters:

  • Cmd. O’Nnyah (Raven)
  • Lt. Cmd. Reittan Andreas (Jon)
  • Lt Cmd. Taemin Rahn (Garrett)
  • Lt. Jr. Wolfgang Ratzel (Terry)
  • Dok – Ferengi arms designer/dealer (Kelly)

Important NPCs:

  • Captain Georj Brandt – New Captain of the U.S.S. Kimura

Notes: This was a straight run through of the adventure as published so I have not provided a detailed description. My crew focused primarily on the sun and the orbiting debris rather than the planet itself. I had created a grid to keep track of time during this adventure. I intended it just as a tracker but it actually worked really well to increase tension during the game. The characters tokens would move down the grid as they took various actions, The dark lines indicated when gravimetric waves would hit the ship, and the supernova was at the bottom. The gold tokens were used to track the number of successes each round for extended tasks.

The countdown clock

Notable Information: More examples of the ancient alien technology have been found in the Alpha Toryui system. Energy is being drawn from the red giant star, which leads to the star’s collapse and the entire system gets pulled through a subspace rift. The telepathic and empathic members of the crew hear a voice saying “Tilikaal…help us…please…”

Mission Recap: Alpha Toryui is a three-planet system with a red giant star reaching the end of its life span in the center. Federation scientists are interested in the star as it has shown evidence of being far too young to be reaching the last stages of its existence before becoming a supernova and some researchers have suggested an ancient species may have performed a sort of stellar re-engineering project for an unknown purpose. Initial surveys of the three rocky worlds orbiting Alpha Toryui don’t show signs of any former inhabitation or terraforming. The only evidence the unknown species left behind of their presence in the system were wrecked and useless orbital constructs circling the bloated red primary. There were also chambers found on Alpha Troyui II that contained some artifacts and and many obviously artificial complexes.

The Crew of the Kimura was deployed to the Alpha Toryui system to rendezvous with U.S.S. Mogami to assist in the evacuation of a team of archaeologists and several unique ancient artifacts from below the surface of the second world

Further scans of the system shows a strange sensor shadow deep in the star. The wreckage around the sun seems to have once been gravitationally bound to this sensor shadow. The are indications that suggest that there used to be a second , high mass object, that also orbited the star. This could be the sensor shadow but it proves to be impossible to get any good readings from it even after sending in probes. They do detect some flickers of power from some of the orbiting debris during one of the many flares from the sun.

The Alpha Toryui System

The telepathic and empathic members of the crew start reporting hearing whispers in their minds. These are indistinct but continue to get louder as time goes on.

The engineering teams come up with some improvements that allow them to beam the artifacts and people off of the shuttles as they come up out of orbit, which allows the evacuation to proceed more quickly as the shuttles don’t need to dock and unload, just clear the atmosphere and then return. The science team also manages to come up with a way of predicting when the gravity waves are going to hit and ensure that the shuttles are on the ground at that point and that the starships have their shields adjusted appropriately to reduce the damage taken when they hit.

The Mogami is fully loaded and leaves the system a couple of hours before the sun is expected to go supernova. They Kimura remains to finish the evacuation and get a few more readings. The Kimura gets hit by a particularly massive gravity wave which damages their warp drive. Fortunately the preparations and shield adjustments that they have made makes this damage much less severe than it could have been, and a concentrated repair effort allows them to restore the warp drive with some time to spare before the star goes supernova.

A massive subspace rift forms around the remains of the star, a glowing disc spreads outwards, over taking the planets and then everything disappears. As this occurs, glowing streamers of blue light emanate from the artifacts and small tears and fractures in sub-space form around the artifacts. These disperse and heal within several seconds and the glow disappears.

The moment the star explodes, the voices that the empathic and telepathic crew members have been hearing drain away until there is only a strong voice that speaks into their minds. It says, “Tilikaal…help us…please…”. The voice then disappears when everything in the system disappears.

The rescue flotilla makes their way back to Starbase 364 to unload the artifacts and civilians and to debrief and plan the next steps.

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