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Sadly our “go to” gaming location, Titan’s Vault, is now closed.
I’d like to thank them for the great space and friendly atmosphere that they have provided us over the last year that the Star Trek Meetup group has been running.

This means we are going to have to find a new location to play.
Some considerations for the new location:

I would still prefer it to be a public place, as some people aren’t comfortable going to a private residence, and I like the exposure that it gives the game.

I would also prefer a location that is accessible to those under 18.

It should also be reasonably accessible by transit.

Most of the current players live in the North end of Calgary, so that end is probably more convenient for most.

The Gamemaster (me) lives in the South end of Calgary, so preferably a location not too far North. 🙂

Some locations for consideration with information and feedback received so far:

Calgary Public Library – Crowfoot – Jamie has kindly booked us in for our next two sessions. Disadvantage is that it is quite far north, and possibly would require being out right at 4:30 pm. 48 hour cancellation notice. Enclosed room so all good on the noise front.

Calgary Public Library – Louise Riley (Northhill) – This location would be more central, and is right off of the C-Train line. Unfortunately, the meeting rooms there are currently out of commission and I don’t have a date for when they will be available again.

Brentwood Co-op Auditorium – We would need a letter stating that we are a non profit group.  I could do that as part of the RPG Alliance Con group instead of just the Star Trek Meetup group.
The Auditorium can only be booked 30 days ahead, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do a standing booking, they just have a big binder at the desk that you sign up for.  That’s not a big problem as I work across the street from there and could easily pop over.
I was told it’s usually quiet on Sundays and they don’t get many bookings for Sunday afternoons.
We could share with another group of gamers without the noise level getting too bad.  Possibly even two groups, depending on the size.
Big advantage is that it is very close to where Titan’s Vault was.
Food can be purchased from Co-op, no outside food permitted.

Ogre’s Den – (TZ) Ogre’s Den seemed like a pretty good place, size-wise, the one time I visited there.  (It’s a little far away though, but should be less noisy). (BK) 3220 5 Ave NE #22, Calgary, AB T2A 5N1, near Marlborough. (Vic) It is a big space and available every day, just call first to make sure there’s no tournaments or stuff and book a table.

Wami Ootoya Japanese Restaurant – (MM) The sushi place across from Titans vault would probably let us play they offered to host one of the other games I play in when Titan over booked once. (BK) Is someone able to talk to them about playing there on a regular basis? I work nearby so could pop in for lunch one day, but probably not for several weeks.

Dickens Pub – Has gamer Sundays 12pm onwards, its drop in so we go early to get a good table. Would be 18+ and no guarantee of getting a table.

Imaginary Wars – (JZ) I was at Imaginary Wars last night and asked about us potentially playing there. Kyle is great and we are welcome to play there but I don’t really think it’s our best option because of location, potential schedule conflicts with their store events and the fact that there would be a cost to us. (BK) Biggest advantage is that it is very close to the Gamemaster’s house, but that doesn’t outweigh the disadvantages.

Metal Galaxy – Also reasonably close to the Gamemaster’s house. Haven’t checked in with them about playing there. I suspect they are fairly busy and noisy on Sundays though. And they are in the South on MacLeod, in the same mall as Marquee Beer Market (used to be The Back Alley)

Zero Issue Brewing – It’s a tap house, so I believe would be 18+. I also don’t know if it has good transit access. Nice location though. Contact person is They open at 12pm Sat and Sundays, and the rest of the week at 3pm

Sentry Box – (TZ) Sentry Box is nice and central with fairly good parking.  I know there’s a lot going on, on the weekends there so I’m not sure what table availability would be like. (BK) It could be interesting to run on the same Sunday that the USS King Edward Star Trek group has their meetings. I believe they meet at 6 pm and we aim to finish by 5. It does look like they meet on the second Sunday of the month as well.

Eastridge Sports – Another South location close to the Gamemaster. Gaming area is in the back storage area and has 3 tables

Hexagon Cafe – (TZ) Also fairly central, but parking is pretty bad.  (The seats there are also not very comfortable — especially if we would be in the bench seating area). They also charge a nominal fee.

Shoebox Cafe – (TZ) Might be a bit too small and noisy for roleplaying purposes. In the Northwest on McKnight

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