Star Trek Adventures

This is a collection of resources for the Star Trek Adventures RPG, both general and specific to my Campaigns linked to in the dropdown menu above.

The STA_Crew_Sheet workbook replaces the STA_Talents workbook described below. It contains everything that the STA_Talents workbook had, but adds improvements to the PC Talent Printout, adds the ability to enter the information for the Players in a campaign and then use those entries as a selection list on other sheets. New sheets include a Crew Printout which lists information for up to six crew members. The sheet can be duplicated and more crew members can be included.
There is also a PC Sheet, which is a Character sheet which you can select a PC and it will fill in the information for that character. Please refer to the “Intro and Instructions” sheet in the Workbook for more details. It does require allowing macros and the installation of some additional fonts for some features to work correctly. And, it is preloaded with the Player Characters from my Campaign.

The STA_Talents spreadsheet lists all the Talents that are available, included source book and page number. It also lists the Base Rules for creating Special Rules, and lists the Special Rules which have been used so far, included source book, page number, and which Base Rule they used (when applicable. Currently includes references to the Core, Beta Quadrant, Command, and Operations books.
– Now updated to include the Sciences Book (19Feb2019)
– Updated to include a page where you can select the talents that your character has and it will pull in the descriptions and allow you to print off your characters talents. There is a macro in the spreadsheet that will handle resizing the rows but you will need to click “Enable Editing” and “Enable Macros” in order to get it to work. (19Aug2019)
– Updated to include the Alpha Quadrant Book. Corrected several typos, adjusted the font and orientation of the Talent Printout tab, added a Roles tab but haven’t integrated it to the Talent Printout tab yet. (03Nov2019)
– Updated to include the Gamma Quadrant Book and the Voyager and DS 9 PC products. Added Staff Roles and Tactical Roles to the Talent Printout tab, have not added the automatic resizing to those lines yet. (18Mar2020)
– Updated to include the Delta Quadrant book. (19Mar2020)

The STA_SpaceFrames spreadsheet lists all the SpaceFrames and Starships, as will as Mission Profiles, Mission Pods and Special Rules that are available, included source book and page number.
This one is still a little rough, but potentially still useful.

There is a Star Trek Meetup group in Calgary where most of the Star Trek Adventures Games are being organized:

The Star Trek group is also active on the RPG Alliance Facebook page: