The Tribble with Klingons

A spot for information on my “The Tribble with Klingons” campaign

Star Trek Adventures (December 30, 2018)

I’ve started working on a Campaign for the new Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying game.  I’m basically going to convert some of the material from my old FASA Star Trek campaign, using some of the ideas and adventures I used in that one, along with some published adventures, some stuff lifted from some of the novels, and some tie ins to the original television series.

The campaign will start in 2269, which puts it after The Original Series (TOS) and part way through The Animated Series (TAS).

The characters will be part of StarFleet Intelligence and their primary goals will be gathering information on Klingon and Orion activities in the area around K7 Space Station, which is along the Federation/Klingon border.  According the “Stellar Cartography” maps, the nearest Starbase in that area is Starbase 46 or Starbase 2.  I’ll probably have them working out of Starbase 2 as it’s also along the border.  Also, Starbase 46 is only mentioned in Star Trek: Discovery, which I’m pretty much ignoring in my campaign.

I am going to have the characters assigned to an Archer Class vessel which comes from the Vanguard series of novels.  I like that it is a small ship, with only 14 crew.  This means I can easily have four to six regular players, and either they can each play a main character and a supporting character, or I can easily create the rest of the crew as Non Player Characters.  It also means the players will have to solve most things themselves rather than calling up the resident expert on the ship, which can happen on the larger ships.  I’ll know exactly what the skill sets of all the crew members will be. 

I also like that the transporter on the ship can only beam one person up or down at a time.  The ship is capable of landing on planets, so that is generally the main method of travel.  It seems like every second published Star Trek adventure includes an ion storm, or strong electromagnetic field around a planet, or something else to prevent transporter use. This will help get around having to do that.

It also allows for the flexibility of having a few guest players from time to time as well.  And, I have a nice set of deck plans from Starship Dynamics.

I was able to scan in the sheets that have the areas accessible to the crew and created a set of deck tiles at miniature scale for those areas.

Archer Tiles

I’ll have them supported by a Ptolemy Class tug with various specialty cargo pods, a throw back to some adventures I ran in FASA’s Triangle Campaign.  I haven’t decided yet if the Triangle will exist in my current campaign or not.

For the first adventure, I’m going to adapt the “Again, Troublesome Tribbles” adventure from the First Edition FASA Star Trek Roleplaying game box set.  I’ve just started working through converting the NPCs, then I’ll try converting the creatures.  And, I’ll change enough things around so that any other old Trekkies that might have played the original may not know exactly what’s going on. 

I’ve got a discussion started on Meetup for those in the Calgary area that might be interested in playing. Whether I go ahead with it will depend on the level of interest. I’d want to get at least four committed players in order to start.