Star Trek Adventures – Planning Session

The attendees were Brent (GM), Jamie, Trevor, and Terry

  • Titan’s Vault Games is a good location for everyone
  • The second Sunday of each month should work well because it doesn’t interfere with the RPG Alliance Con, Fall-Con or Christmas.
  • The second Sunday in October (13th) lands on the Thanksgiving long weekend. Should we move it? The following Sunday is the RPG Alliance Con, so if we do move, it would be to October 6.
  • The second Sunday in November (10th) is on the Remembrance Day long weekend. The Sundays before and after look okay.
  • Individual schedules will need to be checked before we decide if we want to move those two Sundays and to where.

The Campaign that I am going to run will be the Living Campaign Setting from Modiphius, set in the Shackleton Expanse. I will be running the Next Generation Era adventures. There are nine of these for Season 1. Season 2 hasn’t started yet.

Having said that, the first adventure is actually a Classic Trek Adventure that I created for my “The Tribble with Klingons” campaign. It was intended to be the third or fourth adventure in that as yet unrun campaign, but I’ve pulled it out and am planning on running it at RPG Alliance Con.

To fit it into the Next Gen Campaign, I’m having the Captain (or Admiral if the Captain is a Player Character) set up a “Team Building” exercise in the Holodeck so that the Command Staff of the new ship can have a chance to work together as a team before setting off. The Captain has chosen an event from the history files related to Captain Kirk’s USS Enterprise to recreate.

This will let me do a test run of the adventure, primarily to ensure it can be run in the allotted four hours, and will give the players a chance to fine tune their characters. The fact it will be Next Gen characters in a Classic Trek time period is then irrelevant. For RPG Alliance Con I will have pre-generated characters available, but if things work well I’ll probably just create TOS versions of the PCs, assuming the races and such work out ok.

For the Shackleton Expanse campaign, Modiphius offers up three different ships that can be used:


The consensus was that one of the smaller ships would be preferable, leaning towards the U.S.S. Bellerophon, but will wait for input from any additional players that weren’t able to attend the meeting.

For the Player Characters themselves, we didn’t assign specific roles yet but did kick around some general ideas of what types of characters each person wanted to play:

PlayerCharacter ConceptCharacter NameCharacter Race
TerryCombat EngineerHuman
TrevorConn/Security comboAndorian
JaimeMedical/Counselor Denobulian

We also discussed Supporting characters and decided that we may have each player create a second fully developed secondary character that could be used on missions where it doesn’t make sense for their main character to present, or if the adventure shifts between an Away Team and Shipboard events happening simultaneously. It could also potentially provide a pool of available Player Characters for any guests that may only be playing for one or two adventures.

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