Star Trek Characters – Federation Away Team Miniatures

I had this one sitting on my shelf for years and finally got around to painting them when I was painting the Modiphius Next Generation Miniatures last year. These came out in 1998 for the Last Unicorn Games version of the Star Trek The Next Generation Roleplaying game. I believe it is the only set of miniatures that they did for the game. They are much smaller than the Modiphius miniatures, 25mm rather than 32mm. But, for being so small and made of lead, they are still quite detailed. I do think some of the heads are a little too large though. It’s more noticeable in the photos than when they are in play on the table.

I didn’t take photos of these on their own as I painted them, I did them at the same time I was doing the TOS Crew from Modiphius and a few other miniatures, so I don’t have many good shots of the work in progress.

There are a couple of Space Vixens From Mars Caitian’s in these shots, they are 28mm scale if not larger.

Captain Kirk has beamed into the Next Gen group! It does show the size difference though.

A group shot with a few other miniatures and showing some of the paints that I used.

They turned out okay, but the black wash didn’t work as well on these as most of my other miniatures. If I thought I would use these on a regular basis, I would probably go back and redo some of the work on them, and maybe try some dry brushing, but I don’t think they will get much use and I’ve got so many other minis to paint that going back to these isn’t likely to happen.

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