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I will happily admit that I completely stole this character idea from a friend of mine. He had the idea to have an NPC Captain of a ship in a wheelchair and not able to personally go on many Away Missions. Now, when I originally went looking for a miniature for a character like this, I was thinking of a retired Admiral that I could use in a Battlestar Galactica RPG that I was planning to run, but never did. I still may run it someday.

However, I did find a miniature that I liked, and I bought two of them. It’s called “Rich Old Man in Wheelchair” from Impact Miniatures and is part of their “Urban Achievers” range. They have a fun line of Roller Derby and other sport miniatures as well.

I decided to paint one of the miniatures up as a Star Fleet Admiral or Captain in case I wanted to use the idea in my upcoming Campaign. At that point, I didn’t really know which idea or time period I was going to run in.

The wheels come as separate pieces and need to be glued on, but that is straight forward. Then a coating of primer.

I was painting him at the same time I was painting my set of Original Series mini’s from Modiphius, so here he is hanging out with Spock.

The yellow shirt under the jacket really didn’t do it for me so I changed it to more of a TOS Movie/Next Generation look and repainted it grey.

I wasn’t brave enough to try altering his shirt to get rid of the collar, so I just went with painting it black and giving him some gold trim and gold buttons. It doesn’t match any specific uniform, but is along the same lines as some of the ones we’ve seen Flag Officers wear over the years.

Hanging out with the Enterprise Crew

I’m not sure if I’ll ever use him in my Star Trek Campaign, and I still haven’t painted up the version for Battlestar Galactica, but it was certainly fun to try and come up with a miniature for a character that was a little unusual.

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