Star Trek Characters – Klingon Miniatures

I’m catching up on doing some postings about some of the miniatures that I have painted. First up is the Klingons. I did these ones a year ago, in April 2019.

I had the 32mm Klingon Warband set from Modiphius as well as some 28mm “Rim Aliens” from Space Vixens from Mars which were a little smaller and less detailed but still quite nice.

“Rim aliens”

As usual, the Modiphius Miniatures were very detailed, but some assembly is required on them.

Unassembled Klingon Warband
Assembled Klingon Warband

I primed all the miniatures with my usual primer, Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in Light Grey.

I also decided to attach the Space Vixen miniatures to some round black bases. This was to give them a more stability as well as to bring them a little closer to being the same height as the Modiphius miniatures. I just refer to them as being from the “House of Gimli”.

All primed and ready to paint.

Then, it was just a matter of getting them painted. I started with skin and hair.

Next was the red and brown parts of the uniforms.

Added the black and grey parts of the outfits, as well as steel for the boots and some gold trim.

Next up was painting the bases, I went with a dark metal color for the Modiphius bases and a sandy brown for the Space Vixen bases.

The last step was a black wash and a few touch ups. Overall I think they turned out well.


    • These were all purchased, the links are in the article. They are physical miniatures not .STL files.
      Actually, it looks like the link for the Klingon Warband for Modiphius doesn’t work anymore. They may have discontinued them, but you might find them at some Game Stores still.

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