Star Trek Characters – Romulan Miniatures

Another set of miniatures that I painted last year was the Romulan Strike Team from Modiphius for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game.

This is a set of 10 miniatures, and as usual, they are highly detailed and require some assembly. I use Krazy Glue or some other cyanoacrylate glue on them and it works well. I only occasionally glue one of the miniatures to my fingers.

A few unassembled Romulans
Assembled Romulans on the box they came in.

I primed them, along with a bunch of other miniatures I was working on at the time. I like to do priming in batches, and I find that an old printer box makes for a good spray booth.

I used my usual primer. I really hope they never stop making this 🙂

I started with the heads, then glossy black for the boots and a flat grey black for the pants. I also used the gloss black for the plain belts and I think brass for the metal belts. The shirts I did in a light grey.

A little bit of work on the guns and a coat of steel paint on the base, then a dark wash to bring out the details on the uniforms.

And, other than a coat of Testors Dullcote Spray Lacquer for protection, that was it. They certainly weren’t the most exciting set of miniatures to paint. I have seen photos where people have done some amazing work on the uniforms, painting the individual squares on the uniforms different colors.

I didn’t attempt that for a few reasons. I’m not sure my hands are steady enough to pull that off, and I paint these to be used in my games. If I put that much work into them, I’d be afraid to actually use them :).

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