Star Trek Characters – TOS Bridge Crew Miniatures

Another set I did about a year ago was The Original Series Bridge Crew from Modiphius.

The miniatures have their usual great level of detail, but I will say that I don’t like the Scotty miniature all that much, just the pose on him doesn’t seem right. I don’t recall him doing a lot of running while talking into a communicator in the show.

As usual, some assembly is required, arms to be glued on, and then glue them to the bases. Krazy Glue or something similar works fine, just being careful not to glue your fingers to the miniatures.

I also found out today from a forum posting that the phaser arms for Kirk and Sulu were accidentally swapped in production, as well as the communicator arms for Kirk and Scott.

The Borg Cube set had a sheet of paper explaining this but the box I got didn’t. You can tell on the phaser arms by the number of arm band stripes. Kirk should have two and Sulu should only have one. It’s hard to tell on the communicator arms since Kirk and Scotty both have two stripes and the pose on the arms are almost identical.

I didn’t know this when I assembled them, so, mine have the wrong arms, which would explain why they didn’t fit as well as expected.

I primed them as part of a big batch of miniatures I was doing, and this is where I think I hit my first problem. I don’t think I got an even enough coating on these ones, although the other miniatures in the batch seemed alright.

With the primer being almost identical in color to the miniatures, it can be hard to tell if any spots didn’t get enough coverage.

I started off by doing the skin, some hair, pants and boots. I noticed at this point that the paint wasn’t sticking well in some areas, particularly the hair.

The paint on the shirts went on quite well although the yellow was a little thin.

Finished up the hair on the rest of the characters and some of the detail work.

I did play around with the blues that I was using for the uniforms, but finally settled on the one on the right.

Painted the bases. Interestingly they came in a couple different styles. Some looked like floors on the ship, others like landscape.

At the end I’m not really happy with the way these turned out. Of all the sets, I think this is the one I would like to do again, preferably if I can find them on sale. Being the arms being wrong, the paint not going on as well as I liked, the dark wash not working well, and more experience gained on my part since I did these ones, I think I could do a much better job.

They are still fine for using on game day though.

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