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Although I usually use the Modiphius miniatures and other similar miniatures for my regular Star Trek Adventures games, there is another style I really like and often use at Conventions and some one shot games.

These are the Sci Fi miniatures and Tiles from Galaxy Gaming Gear, a local company that has a unique style. Their main line is actually Fantasy Miniatures, and they do tokens as well. I’ve mentioned them in a few of my other postings, but I thought it would be nice to dedicate one just to them.

The first set of items I got from them was a set of the Ship Tiles, the Ship Decor, the Ship Doors, a Viewscreen, and a set of the Adventuring Party Crew.

I purchased and made use of these at the Calgary Comic Expo in 2019. Made for a great Wormhole for Deep Space Nine.

Flying around in a Runabout.

At FallCon 32 2019 I picked up two more sets of the Adventuring Party Crew and colored the shirts on each set to match the three primary Star Trek uniform colors. I used Sharpies to do the coloring. It worked fairly well, but I did end up redoing the yellow ones later using a Gel Pen.

I would later do some additional coloring on them, adding a variety of hair colors, pants and other details. I also picked up two sets of Elves to use as Romulans.

I think the one below was from Part 3 of the mini campaign in the Starter Box.

From RPGCon 2020, taking on some Heroclix Classic Trek Klingons. By this point I had used a silver Sharpie on the console screens.

I also used the tiles and props to reproduce the bridge on a Klingon D7, based on the old FASA deckplans. I like the way the light shines through the viewscreen in the first shot.

FASA Deckplan

I will say that the parts I use the most are the tiles and the consoles. They are really handy if I just need a quick corridor or room with a couple of consoles or some beds.

I have picked up the Tavern Furniture set as well, although I don’t have any pictures of it in use yet. Tables, chairs, bookshelves and beds haven’t changed that much over the centuries.

These, and the Fantasy Minis, are a lot of fun and can bring something unique to your table. Support small business and pick some up from their on-line store. Tell them Brent sent you.

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