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I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few character miniatures for Star Trek in the last year, and still have a few left to paint. In my quest to find a good way to transport them to and from games, I settled on cases designed for Essential Oils. Initially I was using some smaller cases, but then I decided to try a larger one, so I ordered one from Amazon that looked good.
Clicking on the small picture below, which is an Affiliate link for me, will take you to the one I bought if you are interested.

The first thing I have to say is that none of the photos adequately show how sparkly this thing is. My first reaction when I opened up the package and pulled it out was “Holy crap, I’m going to need my sunglasses to use this thing!” I happened to have a spare Starfleet emblem hanging around, so I glued that onto the lid just to give it a bit of a Star Trek feel and to detract a little from shine.

The inside has 112 slots that are just the right width for the round bases that the Modiphius Star Trek Adventures miniatures come with, and most of the other miniatures that I’ve picked up as well.

Of course, there always have to be a few that just don’t cooperate, which I stuck in the back row. The ones with square bases generally fit okay upside down, but there was one dancer with her arms spread out that just wasn’t going to fit other than lying flat.

I used the case as is a few times, but found a couple of problems. First, the foam with the holes wasn’t attached to the bottom of the case, so it tended to lift and some of the smaller miniatures would disappear underneath. Secondly, there is quite a bit of space in the lid, enough that if I carried the case by the handle, many of the miniatures would come out of their cozy little cubbies.

I used a glue gun to stick the foam to the bottom of the case, then glued the sides to the case as well for good measure. Then I cut out some “Pure Foam Cushion” slightly wider than the lid so it would fit snugly as I didn’t want to glue that part in.

I think that will be enough to keep the minis in place, I’ll see how it goes next time I cart them off to a games session.

Live Long and Prosper!

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