STA Mission Report 19 – The Displaced

Adventure Source: Living Campaign Adventure 09

Meetup Link:

Game Date: May 9 2021

Session Post: No Session Post

Teaser: “Captain’s Log, Stardate 48964.5. We’re docked at Narendra Station under red alert conditions and on the way to a war council with Admiral Hebert, General Kargan, and the senior staffs of the other Federation ships stationed here. I suspect we’re going to be ordered back to the Candidate Three system, which suits me just fine. We left rather unexpectedly and unwillingly, and I’d like to have some words with Assessor Tredik if I get the chance and try to get to the bottom of whatever secrets he’s hiding about that strange alien transmission we received on the planet.”

Active Characters:

  • Cmd. O’Nnyah (Raven)
  • Lt. Cmd. Reittan Andreas (Jon)
  • Lt Cmd. Taemin Rahn (Garrett)
  • Lt. Asha (Jaime)
  • Ensign Wolfgang Ratzel (Terry)
  • Dok – Acting Chief Engineer (Kelly)

Important NPCs:

  • Captain Georj Brandt – Captain of the U.S.S. Kimura
  • Assessor Tredik

Notes: This was a straight run through of the adventure as published so I have not provided a detailed description . This was run using the version of the adventure from the Living Campaign on the Modiphius website. This is now also available in the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide. This was the last of the Adventures from the Modiphius website. The Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide had been announced but wasn’t going to be published until near the end of 2021. Because this adventure ended on a cliffhanger, I decided this would be a good point to take a break in the campaign for awhile. We normally break over summer, but this ended up being a little longer than our usual break.

Notable Information: In this mission, the Player Characters join in a council of war held aboard Narendra Station. Threats of renewed hostilities with the Tzenkethi and possible Changeling infiltrations throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants have heightened tensions on the station, in addition to the current threat of a focused Romulan incursion into the Shackleton Expanse, specifically toward the Candidate Three system detailed in the previous Living Campaign mission, “The Assessor Gambit”. The Players will investigate anomalous readings on the planet, and will again encounter the strange alien being, Assessor Tredik, just before all hell breaks loose.

Mission Recap: All three of the Federation Starships assigned to Narendra Station are sent to the Candidate Three system. This includes the Players main ship, the Nova Class U.S.S. Kimura, the Akira Class U.S.S. Galvarino, which the Players secondary characters have been assigned to, and the Galaxy Class U.S.S. Venture.

The published adventure has three paths laid out:
Path One: Engage the Romulans. This was assigned to the U.S.S. Galvarino and was narratively played out near the end of the session with a minimal number of dice rolls.
Path Two: Back To The Surface: This was assigned to the U.S.S. Kimura and is the path that was played out. It followed the published adventure quite closely. The crew did manage to handle the Romulans at the end fairly quickly by collapsing some structures on them.
Path Three: Preserve the Planet: This was assigned to the U.S.S. Venture and occurred “off-screen”.

At the conclusion of the adventure, the characters must decide if they are going to agree to Ash’tamalia’s request to assist the Displaced Tilikaal and travel through the vortices. The following characters agreed to assist:

Dr. Onyah (Raven) (Kimura)
Captain T’kor (Terry) (Galvarino)
Lt. Cmd Sivath (Garrett) (Galvarino)
Lt. Cmd Taemin (Garrett) (Kimura)
Lt. Asha (Jaime) (Kimura)
Engineer Dok (Kelly) (Kimura)
Lt. Cmd Andreas (Jon) (Kimura)
Chief Petty Officer Brenner (Jon) (Galvarino)

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